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About Caroline

Caroline has always been one of those people who simply loves to hunt around in shops. The messier the shop, the greater her pleasure. At the age of 14, on her first trip to London, it dawned on her that one of her favourite things to do was shop. Not just regular shopping. Searching for the most unique piece, for the best bargain, for something truly spectacular. She is one of those people whose heart starts racing at the thought of a sample sale warehouse.

Along the years, this true-found passion and continuous work within the fashion industry in Malta, led to Caroline continuing to pickup and collect far too many pieces. Both modern and vintage, both new and pre-loved. She has always found it hard to let go of something unless she knew it was going to a good home and continues to pickup strays that she claims need a god home. She believes that fashion pieces should live a long life and does not hold with the concept of buy to wear once and throw away. 

Over the past year, Caroline started building a relationship and connecting with different people through different social platforms, sourcing items for friends and followers, recommending pieces and also selling off some pieces from what has now become Caroline's Wardrobe. 

This store is an online expression of true buying passion, a true expression of love.